Working my way through a California kitchen with husband, baby (now toddler) and dog in tow, all with the idea of producing something delicious. Some days, I succeed at this goal. Some days, I manage no more than a batch of baby food – so glad those days are behind me! And other days, I just hope to leave with my sanity intact.

I hope this will be a chronicle for the kind of food we love to eat – wildly diverse, vegetarian, and big on flavor. Lots of sweet things, because I cannot stop baking. Eggs, tofu, dairy, lentils, quinoa…these and other veggie protein sources will show up frequently. Eggplants and bananas probably won’t make much of an appearance, so consider yourself warned. And yes, I have tried them roasted.

A side note on food photography: I would love to be taking gorgeous, light-drenched pictures of what I’m cooking, but our current reality is that with a very active kid in residence, I only get into the kitchen to make dinner, with enough for leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Artificial evening light does not make for pretty pictures. Maybe someday my skills in this department will improve. For now, dimly lit, somewhat crappy iPhone photos is all you’re going to get 🙂


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. your blog is awesome!! I look forward to following you and trying your recipes 🙂

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